Back on track.

So holidays are over and getting back to our daily routines. Did not make any resolutions, but Im trying not to eat so much chocolate anymore. Plus getting back on the wagon after not tracking my eating in november and december. Ate junk food, did not make healthy eating choices at work as well. Gained couple of kg’s due to that and after eating clean for a week lost them quite quickly. Since Im not working out regularly, gotta at least eat good, right!? But, It is really hard not to have sweets, because Im a serious chocoholic. Even my chocolate face mask seems really yummy 😐😀.  But Im trying to fool my brain with fruits as much as possible. 
















Hope everyone is enjoying the first days of January!



Happy holidays!

Hope everyone has a wonderful christmas time with their loved ones. This year has gone by so fast, it’s ridiculous. So many plans for next year, not making any resolutions, but having some dreams, that hopefully come true.

What are you hoping next year will bring? Are you making any New Years resolutions? 



Merry christmas and a happy new year to all!! 🎄


So I was battling with bronchitis for a whole month and I finally feel like myself again. No matter how many vitamins you take or how healthy and active you are, when you get a virus, It doesn’t spare you with anything. I missed working out so much and was so sick and tired of being in home and being ill not being able and allowed to do anything. So finally great to be back at work and on track again. Even though it is really dark after work I still try to go out and have a power walk hour plus some lifting weights after. Also to avoid being tired and exhausted all the time + restless sleeping, started taking magnesium as well. I think it is working, Im not waking up in the middle of the night and can sleep quite peacefully throughout the night. And I need my sleep, because I wake up every day at 5 a.m to get to work at 7 a.m, so as you could imagine, doing that 5 days in a row, is quite extreme.

Plus I have been “clean” for about two weeks now. Kicked a bad habid in the ass and now trying to adjust and get used to my life without it. 


 My favorite sandwich: beetroot parsnip whole grain bread with avocados, fried eggs and veggies. Could eat this 24/7. I know you shouln’t eat eggs too much, but I eat eggs every day and couldn’t imagine my lunch wthout it 🙂 


And already getting into christmas spirit, holidays are just around the corner and Im feeling quite happy about it. Which is weird, because i was very antichristmas for a long time!

Have a great sunday!


Shelf-ladder for bathroom.


I’ve seen these shelf-ladders before, especially on Instagram, but I just now realized, that I need one as well. And It actually is a fantastic idea for a bathroom that doesn’t fit many cupboards or other cabinets. Now I have to find a place that sells or make these in Estonia, because  I’ve only seen basic ladders for towels so far… 🙂





Happy November!

Black metal decor

Planning to use a lot of black metal shaped decor in our future house. Luckily H&M home gives us a helping hand and offers a lot of cool interior ideas with good prices. I also have few metal things at home. Two of them are going to be bedside tables, I just need to add wooden plate over it. Two smaller ones have a glass on top of it, so can be used on a table or etc. Can’t wait to share it, when finished!

Also how cool are these face and hand shaped decor things? I was lucky enough to get these from work and they are so usable at home.





Also H&M home has some good kitchenwear. Mugs and plates only for 1.99 euros. The colors are black, grey and white. What a bargain right?


Havea great week!






Asos x Mtv


My new favorite jacket from Asos. Actually a men’s jacket but hey, a nice oversized denim wear is an absolute MUST. Also I have a thing for buying jackets and coats. They make every boring outfit really really cool.





Also, as soon as fall arrived, I feel I have no energy at all. Im eating healthy and exercising regularly, but I can’t even get up in the morning, and I always go to bed early to get enough sleep. Started taking fish oil capsules and I think I have to start taking Maca again.It should give more energy as well. Vitamin suggestions are welcomed of course 🙂


Stay warm and eat your vitamins,


First days of fall….

So fall has officially arrived! How weird is that? It was just summer a few seconds ago? But fortunately  with a really warm and sunny weather. Hopefully it stays like that until christmas 😛 Aaand, we are expecting to get our kitchen and bathroom done at the end of November or before Christmas. Can’t wait to have our first holidays in our own house. Also we have basically all we need to move in. Just have to get couple of closets(for my massive amount of clothes) and a dining room set. But other than that, we have what we need right now. Bought actually a full set of living room furniture + hall furniture in August. So downstairs “equipment” is all set! And we still have couple of months to get tiles put on our hallway + downstairs laminate. So excited!



Happy Fall time!

Knits and buns

Not a big fan of cold fall or winter, but buying big cozy oversized knits are quite helpful. Found a really cool oversized knit and Im in love. Can wear it as a dress as well! Fall is becoming more bearable! And knitwear doesn’t have to be boring or in one color. Kinda brightens up the mood to wear light colors!


Have a great sunday!


Vegan chocolate heaven

If you’re ever in Tallinn old city, you must visit this really cute vegan chocolate store called Karu Talu šokolaad. It has a big variety handmade vegan chocolate treats for every taste. Owners are actually swedish, who decided to have a cute  store in Tallinn, since there was no other place like this before. Bought some treats for myself too, but definitely will be coming back to taste more of these. 


Throwback Thursday

Having a throwback mood today. Feel that summer is over, mornings are quite dark when I wake up, days are getting shorter and having that autumn feeling. Not really ready to switch my summer wardrobe to coats and sweaters yet. So feeling quite blue today. But my birthday is coming up in a few days. Hopfully sun will come out so I can celebrate it with a ray of sunshine. But time goes by really fast. Already turning 29 and this will be my last year enjoying my twenties. So having a lot of mixed emotions. Don’t really feel that old yet also 🙂

Some summerish snaps, to get my mood better: