Home reno update


A small update on the house

The list so far:

  • Install our oven in the kitchen ✔️
  • Install our bathroom cabinets✔️
  • Finish downstairs living room area flooring + upstairs extra bedroom floor✔️
  • Install kitchen splashback✔️
  • Put to place our fireplace which came with the house and also we need to put a glass underneath it✔️
  • Put all of our furniture together
  • + put up curtain poles and all that small stuff✔️

The list is almost done. But we still need to put a lot of the furniture together and it’s quite a pain the  ass. And these small things take so much time! But since I’m getting really impatient, we have set a date, when do we really plan to move in. It is our anniversary in April 24th, 11 years together.🙂


To be honest, building and renovating a house is so hard. We are almost done and there are a lot of things I would like to change or Im not liking the picked out items anymore. Sure, we rushed with some important decisions and made them without thinking it quite through and ofcourse our budget was very limited as well. But as people say, a house is never done, you build and design it forever 😝 And interior wise, it is easy to buy a nice candle stick and take a perfect Instagram picture, but designing a house from scratch is just mind blowingly difficult, especially when money is tight. A lot of respect for people who do this right now as well!!



Yes, you can buy love ❤️

If you are ever in Tallinn! Karu talu šokolaad is a must go place when you are a big ass chocolate lover like myself. These vegan sweets are just the best! Especially the snickers bar which is almost sold out everytime ! So many great flavors, handmade and vegan! And the owners are just lovely! Always up for a chat and give you a great vibe!! Recommend!!




So I was battling with bronchitis for a whole month and I finally feel like myself again. No matter how many vitamins you take or how healthy and active you are, when you get a virus, It doesn’t spare you with anything. I missed working out so much and was so sick and tired of being in home and being ill not being able and allowed to do anything. So finally great to be back at work and on track again. Even though it is really dark after work I still try to go out and have a power walk hour plus some lifting weights after. Also to avoid being tired and exhausted all the time + restless sleeping, started taking magnesium as well. I think it is working, Im not waking up in the middle of the night and can sleep quite peacefully throughout the night. And I need my sleep, because I wake up every day at 5 a.m to get to work at 7 a.m, so as you could imagine, doing that 5 days in a row, is quite extreme.

Plus I have been “clean” for about two weeks now. Kicked a bad habid in the ass and now trying to adjust and get used to my life without it. 


 My favorite sandwich: beetroot parsnip whole grain bread with avocados, fried eggs and veggies. Could eat this 24/7. I know you shouln’t eat eggs too much, but I eat eggs every day and couldn’t imagine my lunch wthout it 🙂 


And already getting into christmas spirit, holidays are just around the corner and Im feeling quite happy about it. Which is weird, because i was very antichristmas for a long time!

Have a great sunday!


Black metal decor

Planning to use a lot of black metal shaped decor in our future house. Luckily H&M home gives us a helping hand and offers a lot of cool interior ideas with good prices. I also have few metal things at home. Two of them are going to be bedside tables, I just need to add wooden plate over it. Two smaller ones have a glass on top of it, so can be used on a table or etc. Can’t wait to share it, when finished!

Also how cool are these face and hand shaped decor things? I was lucky enough to get these from work and they are so usable at home.





Also H&M home has some good kitchenwear. Mugs and plates only for 1.99 euros. The colors are black, grey and white. What a bargain right?


Havea great week!






First days of fall….

So fall has officially arrived! How weird is that? It was just summer a few seconds ago? But fortunately  with a really warm and sunny weather. Hopefully it stays like that until christmas 😛 Aaand, we are expecting to get our kitchen and bathroom done at the end of November or before Christmas. Can’t wait to have our first holidays in our own house. Also we have basically all we need to move in. Just have to get couple of closets(for my massive amount of clothes) and a dining room set. But other than that, we have what we need right now. Bought actually a full set of living room furniture + hall furniture in August. So downstairs “equipment” is all set! And we still have couple of months to get tiles put on our hallway + downstairs laminate. So excited!



Happy Fall time!

Vegan chocolate heaven

If you’re ever in Tallinn old city, you must visit this really cute vegan chocolate store called Karu Talu šokolaad. It has a big variety handmade vegan chocolate treats for every taste. Owners are actually swedish, who decided to have a cute  store in Tallinn, since there was no other place like this before. Bought some treats for myself too, but definitely will be coming back to taste more of these. 



Cheers to a lazy sunday! Wish weekends were longer. Time goes by really fast and two days are never enuough to get some sleep, rest and do something awesome, like a fieldtrip or a small getaway. And this rainy windy weather is making me lazy….Who’s with me?

Also already thinking about my vacation destination next summer. We have been thinking about Malta. Has anyone been there? It seems beautiful and a really cute small island for a week getaway. Tips and advice are appreciated  🙂


Favourite spot in Tartu

If you’re ever in Tartu Estonia, Aparaaditehas (The widget Factory) is a must place to go. Situated near the center of Tartu, the factory brings together different restaurants, artists, designer studios. It has a very hipster vibe, which is not a bad thing at all, great place to have dinner after work or visit some cool designer shops. Extremely chill place to be. 


Also the restaurant Aparaat has some really really good food with reasonable prices and awesome people who work there! Definetely a place to go in the summer time!

Also they host fleamarkets, foodfestivals and different concerts! An awsome place to get inspired.



I don’t know if with age comes knowledge and wisdom, but this year has been absolutely lifechanging. Last September I decided to become more healthy and aware of what I eat, exercise more and this has changed my mindset a lot. Had some changes with my eating habits. Cut out pasta, all kinds of processed meat you can find in a supermarket and started to eat vegetables, fruits and good quality meat. Also started doing power walking/running after work. Even when I was exhausted after work, I still went out. I think I needed that the most. My everyday work is quite hard physically, but still, body and mind needs some exercise to recover and get energy! My weight dropped about 5kg and I noticed it quite randomly. I suddenly felt I had nothing to fill my bra anymore 🙂 I don’t have a scale at home so I didn’t really check my progress at that time. And oh man, it feels really good when your clothes fit better but most of all I had more energy to move around especially when working. Since Im a huge chocoholic, I still enjoy it a lot and don’t say no if I feel my body and mind needs it. To be honest, I have always thought I have eaten properly, but my weight still stood still. Had know idea that all that crap I was eating didn’t offer anything for my body. They say food is fuel, and it is 💯 true! But you can also walk on very thin ice with being healthy. It’s easy  to get too obsessed with watching your weight. Especially watching all these perfect instagram fitness girls, who seem perfect, have perfect tanned body’s without any body fat. But hey, we need to remind ourselves that nothing is as perfect as it seems and us girls are all different. Sometimes I too get a bit down with my mood when I haven’t exercised and eaten properly all week, but then comes the realization that we only live once and also need to enjoy “bad” food once in a while. Have cake and pizza, celebrate someone’s birthday or etc without any guilt. Because we have to enjoy and celebrate every day we have, be happy and do everything with love ❤️ 

 Let’s be happy in our body, even if we have a few extra kg’s, have not so perfect hair, have fair skin and so on. And most of all, let’s have cake for breakfast once in a while! 😘



Goat cheese salad is absolute heaven and easy to do at home


I think I have never worn a crop top in my life before. Even when I was a teen. Since now 😂 


Fantastic salad with figs, nuts, apples, chicken.


Weekend bliss

Decided to have a small getaway this weekend, since the weather predictions were quite positive. Headed out to the seaside, Võsu to be exact. It was warm, et got even warmer day by day. But since estonian summer has been rather cold, the sea was way too cold for me to get in ☺️



Also visited lake Äntu, which has the clearest water in Estonia. It would have been awesome to stand up paddle board on the lake to have the best view.



Have a great week everyone!