Throwback Thursday

Having a throwback mood today. Feel that summer is over, mornings are quite dark when I wake up, days are getting shorter and having that autumn feeling. Not really ready to switch my summer wardrobe to coats and sweaters yet. So feeling quite blue today. But my birthday is coming up in a few days. Hopfully sun will come out so I can celebrate it with a ray of sunshine. But time goes by really fast. Already turning 29 and this will be my last year enjoying my twenties. So having a lot of mixed emotions. Don’t really feel that old yet also 🙂

Some summerish snaps, to get my mood better:




Gelatos ja Fro-yo’s

To be honest, this time I was more up for sweets than pastas and risottos. Had a gelato or two every day. Also frozen yoghurt was very good. Regretting that I didn’t have the time to taste all the flavors 🙂 




Villa Oleandra

Third time’s a charm. This year we planned definetely to find George Clooneys villa! It is situated in beatiful Laglio. No wonder he has a crib in here! It was quite easy to find as well. We were really excited, because every year when we have visited Lake Como, George has been here at the same time. So a little thrill for our vacation life. 


First day at Lago Di Como

Made it here safely, flight was a bit delayed but no worries. The only downside is the weather, it has been raining a lot, so we are a bit stressed about that. But hopefully,  like the weather predictions promise, It will get warmer and sunnier. Few snaps from today:





So where to?

Tomorrow is the day! Finally. We are flying to Italy to have our little vacation. Already making plans where to go and what place to visit. Ofcourse Bellagio is on our list again, but also thought about visiting some other lake, like lake Garda, town Varenna, maybe even Venice. Also can’t wait to eat gelato, have a good cappuccino and this enjoy the beautiful mountains with amazing italian people!

Gorgeous and romantic Bellagio


Last year ’16 in Bellagio


Desenzano del garda





Maybe someone has some good tips where to go and most important: Where to eat? 



45 days!

So counting the days and shopping for some summer attire for our vacay. This year planning also to visit Varenna and take part of a cooking class. Excited for that!!! Since spring in Estonia has been really cold this year, the more I feel the need for some warm climate and a relaxing vacation. 


Definetely recommend to visit Brunate. So beautiful houses on the top of the mountain!


Will also stay in this villa for a couple of days this year as well:


Somewhere in Bellagio:



Have a lovey sunday!

Good vibes only!

The moment when you’re going through your iphone photos and only get good and positive vibes on this particular rainy wednesday!



Omg, counting days until our third Italy trip this summer! Can’t wait to have gelato all day every day!



EV99! And coffee ofcourse!