Dining room area/ söögituba

Had a busy sunday, added some curtains to the dining area, livingroom area and placed the table as well. Oh curtains add so much cosyness. And I don’t know why, but my grey curtains look a bit purple in the daylight. 

Also due to our low ceilings, I had to shorten our curtains. But the side curtains look nice when they are longer, so not sure if I should make them shorter as well?!



Continuing today with cleaning and bringing stuff to the house, so tired, but next weekend WE ARE MOVING IN💪🏼☺️

And a little tip, If you are moving, take a vacation! It’s so hard and exhausting to move and go to work at the same time!!



Home reno update


A small update on the house

The list so far:

  • Install our oven in the kitchen ✔️
  • Install our bathroom cabinets✔️
  • Finish downstairs living room area flooring + upstairs extra bedroom floor✔️
  • Install kitchen splashback✔️
  • Put to place our fireplace which came with the house and also we need to put a glass underneath it✔️
  • Put all of our furniture together
  • + put up curtain poles and all that small stuff✔️

The list is almost done. But we still need to put a lot of the furniture together and it’s quite a pain the  ass. And these small things take so much time! But since I’m getting really impatient, we have set a date, when do we really plan to move in. It is our anniversary in April 24th, 11 years together.🙂


To be honest, building and renovating a house is so hard. We are almost done and there are a lot of things I would like to change or Im not liking the picked out items anymore. Sure, we rushed with some important decisions and made them without thinking it quite through and ofcourse our budget was very limited as well. But as people say, a house is never done, you build and design it forever 😝 And interior wise, it is easy to buy a nice candle stick and take a perfect Instagram picture, but designing a house from scratch is just mind blowingly difficult, especially when money is tight. A lot of respect for people who do this right now as well!!


Happy holidays!

Hope everyone has a wonderful christmas time with their loved ones. This year has gone by so fast, it’s ridiculous. So many plans for next year, not making any resolutions, but having some dreams, that hopefully come true.

What are you hoping next year will bring? Are you making any New Years resolutions? 



Merry christmas and a happy new year to all!! 🎄

Shelf-ladder for bathroom.


I’ve seen these shelf-ladders before, especially on Instagram, but I just now realized, that I need one as well. And It actually is a fantastic idea for a bathroom that doesn’t fit many cupboards or other cabinets. Now I have to find a place that sells or make these in Estonia, because  I’ve only seen basic ladders for towels so far… 🙂





Happy November!

Black metal decor

Planning to use a lot of black metal shaped decor in our future house. Luckily H&M home gives us a helping hand and offers a lot of cool interior ideas with good prices. I also have few metal things at home. Two of them are going to be bedside tables, I just need to add wooden plate over it. Two smaller ones have a glass on top of it, so can be used on a table or etc. Can’t wait to share it, when finished!

Also how cool are these face and hand shaped decor things? I was lucky enough to get these from work and they are so usable at home.





Also H&M home has some good kitchenwear. Mugs and plates only for 1.99 euros. The colors are black, grey and white. What a bargain right?


Havea great week!






Shoppingspree in H&M home department

Since the big summer sale has begun and H&M home department has some really really cool items with a reasonable price, I bought some must haves, like bed linen and towels and a huge bed blanket! Towels were just 5 euros a piece and bed linen duvet cover sets started with only 7 euros! What a bargain!



Had my eye on these organic cotton bed linen for a long time. Extremely soft! Only 15 euros each!



H&M home has also awesome hard deco for kitchen and livingroom as well. Definetely recommend everyone to stop by or shop online! And for someone who loves scandinavian interior, H&M has a lot of scandinavian inspired decor! 



We got a bed!

Ja saimegi voodi ostetud. Tegime enne kõvasti eeltööd internetis ja täna läksime siis mõttega, et midagi peame ära ostma, kuna soodushinnad on liiga head, et käest lasta. Plaanisime külastada Sotkat, Maskut ja Askot. Vaatasime kiirelt Askos ringi ja maandusime koheselt Sotkas. Teenindaja oli vahva, jagas soovitusi ja nippe ning saime voodeid proovida ka. Ja üllatuseks tuli välja, et täna oli lisa allahindlus -20% juba allahinnatud toodetele. Ja see oli ka põhjus, miks me Sotkast voodi ostsime. Leidsime selle õige, mida olin internetis imetlenud ja saime selle põhimõtteliselt madratsi hinnaga kätte. Laiuseks valisime 180, pikkus 200. Kaasa tuleb ka peats(mis on reegline vaja juurde osta), kattemadrats. Ja hind oli kõigest 639,-. What a bargain! Ühesõnaga, teistesse poodidesse ei viitsinudki vaadata, ostsime ka teenindaja soovitusele lisaks sellise õhukese kattemadratsi teki, tänu millele ei hakka kattemadrats liikuma ka. Voodi saame kätte ilmselt kuskil märtsis:)


And we finally bought our bed. We did a lot of research before, because there are many places that sell this kind of a bed and the prices are different as well. The sales advisor was awesome and helped us a lot, we decided to take the 180×200 size bed, the standard is usually 160×200, but we wanted a bigger one, so we can sleep better. The bed was only 639 euros, I think the first price was something around a thousand euros. And we also got a extra -20% off!  Also the head of the bed came with the price, usually you have to buy that extra, and that is also a couple hundred. The color is grey, the way I like it 🙂 And we should recieve the bed in March!