Shelf-ladder for bathroom.


I’ve seen these shelf-ladders before, especially on Instagram, but I just now realized, that I need one as well. And It actually is a fantastic idea for a bathroom that doesn’t fit many cupboards or other cabinets. Now I have to find a place that sells or make these in Estonia, because  I’ve only seen basic ladders for towels so far… 🙂





Happy November!


Black metal decor

Planning to use a lot of black metal shaped decor in our future house. Luckily H&M home gives us a helping hand and offers a lot of cool interior ideas with good prices. I also have few metal things at home. Two of them are going to be bedside tables, I just need to add wooden plate over it. Two smaller ones have a glass on top of it, so can be used on a table or etc. Can’t wait to share it, when finished!

Also how cool are these face and hand shaped decor things? I was lucky enough to get these from work and they are so usable at home.





Also H&M home has some good kitchenwear. Mugs and plates only for 1.99 euros. The colors are black, grey and white. What a bargain right?


Havea great week!






First days of fall….

So fall has officially arrived! How weird is that? It was just summer a few seconds ago? But fortunately  with a really warm and sunny weather. Hopefully it stays like that until christmas 😛 Aaand, we are expecting to get our kitchen and bathroom done at the end of November or before Christmas. Can’t wait to have our first holidays in our own house. Also we have basically all we need to move in. Just have to get couple of closets(for my massive amount of clothes) and a dining room set. But other than that, we have what we need right now. Bought actually a full set of living room furniture + hall furniture in August. So downstairs “equipment” is all set! And we still have couple of months to get tiles put on our hallway + downstairs laminate. So excited!



Happy Fall time!

Dining room cabinet

So today was finally the day I had the time to start paint my dining room cabinet. I took it apart, removed the shelves, the drawer and used sand paper to remove extra dirt etc so I can start repaint it. The color is going to be see through white.

Today I tested the paint on the shelves and the drawer. Just in case I didn’t start painting on the actual cabinet In case I screw something up lol 🙂 


So this is the result of only one paint job. I think I need to do it a couple of times more, because I think It should be more white 🙂 



Tomorrow Im planning to continue with the rest of the cabinet and finish painting it so I can continue painting it the second time next weekend! 

Have a great saturday!

About beds

Kuna korterist vĂ€lja kolides vĂ”tame sealt kaasa ilmselt vaid elutoa diivani, siis olen igapĂ€evaselt mĂ”elnud sellele, et millist voodit uude majja osta, kuna vana voodit ei tahaks ĂŒldse kaasa vĂ”tta ja pigem jĂ€taks selle korterisse uuele ĂŒĂŒrilisele. Tegu on korraliku ja isetehtud tammepuidust voodiga 🙂

Vooditest rÀÀkides, siis on mul mÔtteis vaid kaks, kas metallist raamiga voodi vÔi kontinentaalvoodi. Stiililt meeldivad mÔlemad vÀga, kuid kontinentaalvoodist rÀÀkides, siis selle voodi mugavus on ikka super hea.Lisaks mulle meeldib selle voodi kÔrgus. Samas, peegeldab seda ka selle voodi hind, mis algab kuskil tuhandest eurost. See on suur vÀljaminek kuid samas ka ilmselt pikaajaline investeering.

Aga, kui rÀÀkida metallraamiga voodist, siis see on mulle alati meeldinud. Mind vĂ”lub selle lihtsus, klassikalisus ja ajatus. Lisaks hinnad on ĂŒpris soodsad. Samas on raske leida sellist voodit, kus jalutsis seda raami poleks. Minul sellega probleemi pole, kuid hĂ€rra on nii pikk, et tal jÀÀksid jalad ilmselt sinna raami vahele 🙂 Samuti, kui lisaks raamile osta ka kvaliteetne madrats, siis hind on ikkagi soodsam kui kontinentaalvoodil. Raske valik, kuid ilmselt tuleb see kĂŒllaltki kiirelt vastu vĂ”tta, sest ĂŒks vĂ€ike magamistuba peaks saama pĂ€ris kiirelt meil valmis. Vaja on vaid seinad vĂ€rvida ja pĂ”rand panna.


Let’s talk about beds. When we are moving to our new house, we definetely need to get a new bed as well, since our old one is not quite the one I would like to have in the house. I have two favourites in my mind. One is a metal framed bed and the other is a continental bed. Continental beds are expensive, but they are really comfortable. They cost about a thousand euros, so it is probably an investment as well.

But, my heart has a soft spot for a white metal framed bed as well. It’s timeless, very romantic and will be perfect with our scandinavian style. The price is alse very affordable, even when we get a new mattresse with the bed. Hard to decide.


Ülemise korruse vannitoa inspiratsioon

Kui alumise korruse vannituba on selline praktiline ning suur/avar, siis teisele korrusele tulev vannituba tuleb ĂŒpris pisike. Sinna on plaanis paigaldada vann, vĂ€ike kraanikauss ja wc pott. Rohkemat sinna ei mahugi. VĂ€ikese seinariiuli ehk mahutab ka Ă€ra. Kuna seal akent pole, siis ilmselgelt tulevad seinaplaadid valged, kuid pĂ”randaplaatidega tahaks katsetada vĂ”ib-olla mingit mustrit. Klassikaline must-valge plaat on mĂ”tteis olnud juba pikalt, aga poodides leiab ka teisi vĂ€ga vahvaid mustreid. VĂ”imalik, et pigem langeb kaalukauss pigem hallika vĂ€rvi poole ĂŒldse.

Ideaalis sooviksin jalgadega vanni, sest see on lihtsalt nii klassikaline ja ƥikk, kuid suhteliselt ebapraktiline. Selles osas tuleb veel mÔelda, et mida tÀpsemalt panna ja mingi kompromiss leida.


So, if our downstairs bathroom will be quite large and practical, the bathroom upstairs, will be quite small and unpractical 🙂 We don’t even have a window there. We will have only a bathtub, a sink and a wc and maybe a in wall built shelf. And that’s it. My dream is to have a tub with legs, because it’s so chic and classic, but we also have to concider if it’s do’able. Since we will have no natural light coming in, the tiles will be white but I would like the floor tiles to have some sort of a pattern, to keep it more interesting. So the walls will be white and floor will probably be grey all black. Have to decide on that one, which one to choose and which is a better option. Maybe black tiles will be too dark?


Some ideas for the upstairs bathroom:

Annie Sloan Chalk paint

Kindlasti on paljud nĂ€inud kas Facebookis vĂ”i Instagramis surfates Annie Sloani kriidivĂ€rve, millega saab vanale mööblitĂŒkile tĂ€iesti uue elu anda. Olen ka ise Tartus Vintage Chick poes uudistamas kĂ€inud ning isegi Elva kohvikutepĂ€eva raames kogemata sisse astunud selle sama kriidivĂ€rvi töötuppa, kus sain pĂ€ris palju infot ja nippe, kuidas seda vĂ€rvi kasutada, millel seda kasutada jne. Tegudeni pole veel jĂ”udnud, kuna vĂ€rv ise on pĂ€ris kallis ning hetkel pole ka korralikku kohta, kus see vĂ€rvimine ette vĂ”tta. Ootamas on ĂŒks suur vitriinkapp, mille vanemate kĂ€est saan ning lisaks tahaks praegu korteris olevatele kummutile ja öökapile uue kuue anda. Kuid Annie Sloanil on igasuguseid vĂ€rve, erinevaid valgeid vĂ€rve, mis vĂ€ga meeldivad.Tulebki tĂ”sisemalt mĂ”elda, et millist tooni kasutada ja ehk hoopis mingi tĂŒrkiissinise vĂ€rvi kasuks otsustada? Kellel sellega kogemusi vĂ”ib kindlasti kirjutada ja jagada.


So, I literally can’t wait until all the dirty work in the house is done and I can start fixing up some old furniture. Right now there is too much dust and crap in the house, so I don’t have any room to do it. I have couple of shelves, cabinets and bedside tables I really really want to paint over. I have done some research and have  found Annie Sloans chalk paint. This will be very easy to do, because there is no absolute need to do something with the furniture first, just buy some paint and start painting over! Sounds so much fun. I really really like shabby chic style, but in our house, I think I would like to keep it very minimal and classic. Maybe some rustic details on the furniture. But keep it very very minimal and simple. But I don’t know yet, If Im brave enough to choose some different color as well. I know I want white, but it would be so cool If some of the furniture is in completely different color. Like turqouise or even black. A fancy black cabinet would be so sick in the house. 

So hopefully in couple of months I will have the chance to start doing some painting and can’t wait to post it here as well!




Tartus asuv Vintage Chick pood, kus hetkel olen vaid imetlemas kĂ€inud. Sealt leiab vĂ€ga vahvaid sisustuselemente ning ka vĂ€ga vingeid kapinuppe, mida oma vanale mööblitĂŒkile kĂŒlge kruvida.




Alumise korruse vannituba on peaaegu et valmis. Seinad ja pĂ”rand on plaaditud, lagi on pandud, WC pott paigas(kraanikauss on ka olemas). Vaja on vaid paigaldada tööpind ning vĂ”tta hinnapakkumine duĆĄinurga klaasidele. Peabki vaid nĂŒĂŒd mĂ”tlema, kas soovime tĂ€iesti lĂ€bipaistvaid klaase, mis on odavamad, kuid raskem konstantselt puhtana hoida; vĂ”i siiski mingi mittelĂ€bipaistva klaasi, mis on veidi kallim. Vannitoa uks on meil ka lĂ€bipaistvast klaasist, sinna peab samamoodi mingi lahenduse mĂ”tlema, mida sinna ette panna, et see lĂ€bi ei paistaks. Kas ehk mingi kleeps? Uks ise valge ja tĂ€ispuidust. Vannitoa pĂ”randaplaadid on hallid ning seinaplaadid valged. Tööpind tuleb puidust ning sinna alla paneme pesumasina, riiulid/kapid.

Vannituba tahtsime hoida vÔimalikult lihtsa ja heledana, lisaks on ka kÔrge lagi, mis peaks avarust lisama.


Our only room in the house, which is almost done, is our downstairs bathroom. Tiles are on the walls and floor, the ceiling is done(white wood), we also have bought a sink as well and the toilet is already installed. We only need a working surface, some shelves and shower glass panels. The colors of the bathroom are white and grey, the ceiling is white wood and window sell is also solid wood. Also the ceiling is quite high and that should add some openess to the room. Our bathroom door is actually half glass so we will have to make some plan, what are we going to cover it with? Maybe some sort of a sticker?




Kuna siseviimistluseni lĂ€heb veel veidi aega, siis nopin igapĂ€evaselt ideesid, milline vĂ”iks vĂ€lja nĂ€ha meie kodu. Inspiratsiooniallikaks on Skandinaavia interjöör ja stiil, kuna see on klassika ja aegumatu. Kes on nt Rootsis kellelgi kĂŒlas kĂ€inud, teab millest ma rÀÀgin. VĂ”imalikult hele, et meie niigi pimedas ajavööndis natukenegi valgust oleks, ei mingeid mustreid(alguses tundub hea idee, kuid tegelikkuses hakkab see ĂŒsna kiirelt tĂŒĂŒtama ja vananema), kindlasti valge mööbel. Endalgi on paar vana kappi ootamas, millal saan need renoveerida ja tulevikus söögituppa panna. Plaanis kasutada Annie Sloani Chalk Painti, nagu teada on, siis nende kriidivĂ€rvide kasutamisel ei pea eelnevalt mööblit eelnevalt vĂ€ga töötlema.


Since we still so much work to do before we can start decorating the house, Im searching every day some inspiration ideas for our house. We love scandinavian style and decor so the house will be very light and simple. One reason for that is that our climate is quite cold and dark, and having white walls and white furniture is a must in Estonia. Also it is very classical and never out of style. No patterned wallpaper or dark colors. Here are some ideas for the house:

The beginning August 2015-Kodublogi

Suvel 2015 komistasime ĂŒhe kinnisvara portaali kuulutuse otsa, kus oli mĂŒĂŒgiks selline tĂŒĂŒpiline suvila. Tegelikult see maja vĂ€ga pilku ei pĂŒĂŒdnudki, vaid hoopis maalapp, kus see asetses. Kuna kuulutuse pildid olid suhteliselt mitte midagi ĂŒtlevad, otsustasime selle suvila ise oma silmaga ĂŒle vaadata. Kui autoga Ă”ue peale jĂ”udsime, vĂ”lus see koht meid kohe. Ilus ja suur murulapp, Ă”unapuud ja privaatne aed. Suvila oli nagu suvila ikka. Kahekordne, sees kaks kaminat, toad pisikesed, sees kĂ”ik puidust jne.Vajas totaalset makeoverit, et see teha elamiskĂ”lbulikuks aastaringselt. Tegu oli suvilate rajooniga, kuid kĂ”ik majad olid renoveeritud ja inimesed elasid aastaringselt sees. Lisaks oli koht mĂ”nus ja vaikne, metsa sees, ligidal jĂ€rv. TĂ€ielik idĂŒll. Juba asukoha pĂ€rast ei saanud seda ostmata jĂ€tta ning otsustasime vĂ€ljakutse vastu vĂ”tta.

TĂ€naseks pĂ€evaks oleme lĂ”petanud vĂ€ljaehituse all korrusel, vahetanud aknad ja katuse, teinud pĂ”hjaliku soojustuse, paigaldanud maakĂŒtte ning on samuti uus laudis.

It was summer of 2015 when we stumbled upon a summer house that was up for a sale. Actually we didn’t have a house buying plans, but we wanted to be a homeowners in the near future so we decided to check out this old house. Just to be sure 🙂 Since the add was not very impressive and didn’t give us any idea what it really was, we wanted to check it out anyways. The moment we drove to the house we were in love. The house itself was a typical estonian summer house, but the nature and the yard was just simply beautiful. A big yard, some appletrees and the house was in a perfect spot-the sun was always shining on the yard and it was just perfection!! Also it is in the woods, we have a lake nearby and the neighbourhood was also very quiet and friendly. The house needed to be completely rebuilt, if we wanted to live here all year around. But still, we decided to buy it. Because the spot itself was just ideal and the price was good as well. 

It’s 2017 now and outside the house is completely done. New roof and windows, new heat insulation etc. We still have to do a lot of work inside, but hopefully we can move in this summer or fall. Fingers crossed!!!