Black metal decor

Planning to use a lot of black metal shaped decor in our future house. Luckily H&M home gives us a helping hand and offers a lot of cool interior ideas with good prices. I also have few metal things at home. Two of them are going to be bedside tables, I just need to add wooden plate over it. Two smaller ones have a glass on top of it, so can be used on a table or etc. Can’t wait to share it, when finished!

Also how cool are these face and hand shaped decor things? I was lucky enough to get these from work and they are so usable at home.





Also H&M home has some good kitchenwear. Mugs and plates only for 1.99 euros. The colors are black, grey and white. What a bargain right?


Havea great week!







Asos x Mtv


My new favorite jacket from Asos. Actually a men’s jacket but hey, a nice oversized denim wear is an absolute MUST. Also I have a thing for buying jackets and coats. They make every boring outfit really really cool.





Also, as soon as fall arrived, I feel I have no energy at all. Im eating healthy and exercising regularly, but I can’t even get up in the morning, and I always go to bed early to get enough sleep. Started taking fish oil capsules and I think I have to start taking Maca again.It should give more energy as well. Vitamin suggestions are welcomed of course 🙂


Stay warm and eat your vitamins,


Knits and buns

Not a big fan of cold fall or winter, but buying big cozy oversized knits are quite helpful. Found a really cool oversized knit and Im in love. Can wear it as a dress as well! Fall is becoming more bearable! And knitwear doesn’t have to be boring or in one color. Kinda brightens up the mood to wear light colors!


Have a great sunday!



I don’t know if with age comes knowledge and wisdom, but this year has been absolutely lifechanging. Last September I decided to become more healthy and aware of what I eat, exercise more and this has changed my mindset a lot. Had some changes with my eating habits. Cut out pasta, all kinds of processed meat you can find in a supermarket and started to eat vegetables, fruits and good quality meat. Also started doing power walking/running after work. Even when I was exhausted after work, I still went out. I think I needed that the most. My everyday work is quite hard physically, but still, body and mind needs some exercise to recover and get energy! My weight dropped about 5kg and I noticed it quite randomly. I suddenly felt I had nothing to fill my bra anymore 🙂 I don’t have a scale at home so I didn’t really check my progress at that time. And oh man, it feels really good when your clothes fit better but most of all I had more energy to move around especially when working. Since Im a huge chocoholic, I still enjoy it a lot and don’t say no if I feel my body and mind needs it. To be honest, I have always thought I have eaten properly, but my weight still stood still. Had know idea that all that crap I was eating didn’t offer anything for my body. They say food is fuel, and it is 💯 true! But you can also walk on very thin ice with being healthy. It’s easy  to get too obsessed with watching your weight. Especially watching all these perfect instagram fitness girls, who seem perfect, have perfect tanned body’s without any body fat. But hey, we need to remind ourselves that nothing is as perfect as it seems and us girls are all different. Sometimes I too get a bit down with my mood when I haven’t exercised and eaten properly all week, but then comes the realization that we only live once and also need to enjoy “bad” food once in a while. Have cake and pizza, celebrate someone’s birthday or etc without any guilt. Because we have to enjoy and celebrate every day we have, be happy and do everything with love ❤️ 

 Let’s be happy in our body, even if we have a few extra kg’s, have not so perfect hair, have fair skin and so on. And most of all, let’s have cake for breakfast once in a while! 😘



Goat cheese salad is absolute heaven and easy to do at home


I think I have never worn a crop top in my life before. Even when I was a teen. Since now 😂 


Fantastic salad with figs, nuts, apples, chicken.


Shoppingspree in H&M home department

Since the big summer sale has begun and H&M home department has some really really cool items with a reasonable price, I bought some must haves, like bed linen and towels and a huge bed blanket! Towels were just 5 euros a piece and bed linen duvet cover sets started with only 7 euros! What a bargain!



Had my eye on these organic cotton bed linen for a long time. Extremely soft! Only 15 euros each!



H&M home has also awesome hard deco for kitchen and livingroom as well. Definetely recommend everyone to stop by or shop online! And for someone who loves scandinavian interior, H&M has a lot of scandinavian inspired decor! 



About work.

So my last two weeks were just crazy. I was just a big couch potato when I got back from work every night. Big, but awesome workload with opening a new H&M store in Tartu. Met some awesome people, who were really inspiring every day and the vibes at work were just amazing. This experience with opening a store is just wonderful. And the store looks absolutely beautiful! Lucky to be a part of this cool work family!!

Some snaps.



Good vibes only!

The moment when you’re going through your iphone photos and only get good and positive vibes on this particular rainy wednesday!



Omg, counting days until our third Italy trip this summer! Can’t wait to have gelato all day every day!



EV99! And coffee ofcourse!